The penny play date

Oh, the places you’ll go! Flip a coin to decide which direction you’ll take.


Go for a walk or a drive with your little explorer, and flip a coin to see where you’ll both end up.

There are no expectations here. The very point of a penny play date is that you simply see what happens, exploring your neighbourhood and making the most of whatever you find.

Nobody is disappointed if something doesn’t go as planned, because nothing is planned. You might discover an ugly plot of land, or you might uncover a hidden gem, hiding in plain sight. Heads or tails, this is guaranteed to give busy minds a much-needed rest, teaching kids a valuable lesson about the value of spontaneity in an increasingly ordered world.

  1. Go for a walk or a drive with your little explorer, and tell them to pick a number between one and twenty. Whatever number they pick is the number of turns – either on foot or in the car – that you have to make.
  2. Flip your coin. Heads equals a right turn. Tails equals a left turn.
  3. Every time you stop at a major junction or crossroad, flip the penny again.
  4. On the final flip, turn and see where you end up. This is the location where your play date will take place.


Show us where you end up! Post a picture on social media of your final destination using #summerofskills.