Peg people worry dolls

Create your own worry dolls, and place them under your child’s pillow each night. While they dream, the worry dolls will fret on their behalf, and bring newfound clarity when they wake.


What are worry dolls? 

In Guatamala and Mexico, worry dolls are a traditional sleeping aid handed down to children who suffer from nightmares. According to the legend, the tiny dolls are silent confidantes, capable of ridding even the biggest of worriers of their sleepless nights. All you have to do is whisper in their ears, and place them under the pillow.


Instructions – making the dolls

  1. Gather your materials, and sit down at the table with your child.
  2. Start by helping them to wrap and twist a pipe cleaner around the clothes peg. Fashion some pipe cleaner ‘arms’ for their peg person, cutting them to size.
  3. Next, help your child to wrap the whole body of their clothes peg with yarn, ensuring they wrap over the pipe cleaner arms as well as the main body. Once their wrapping gets to the ‘waist’ of the clothes peg, they can start wrapping each ‘leg’ individually.
  4. Once all of their wrapping is done, get your child to decorate the face of their worry dolls, using their felt pens to draw on facial features and expressions.


Instructions – using the dolls

  1. Place the worry dolls beneath your child’s pillow each night, and tell them that they can whisper any worries they may have into their ears.