Learn something in another language

If you wanted to greet everybody in the world, you’d need to learn to say hello in 7,105 languages! That’s a lot for a small human to compute, but you can still introduce your child to a new culture with this basic selection of summer vocabulary.

Start by learning a few basic greetings from around the world with your child, and then move on to some summer-specific words. With a little patience and practice, they’ll be able to build a sandcastle in Italian and order an ice cream in Arabic in no time! Daunted? Don’t be. We’ve broken things down for you below.



  1. Practice saying ‘Hello!’ in another language with your child. We’ve made a list of six examples below – covering Arabic, Chinese, French, Hindi, Italian and Spanish for starters. You could try several of these phrases if you have a particularly keen little linguist on your hands, or just choose one to perfect. There is no right or wrong way to go about it.

  3. If you’re unsure of how to pronounce each example, fear not. Click the pronunciation hyperlinks below to hear a native speaker say the word.


In Chinese – Nǐ hǎo (pronounced: Nee-how)

In Spanish – Hola (pronounced: Oh-la)

In French – Bonjour (pronounced: Bon-jou-r)

In Italian – Ciao (pronounced: Chow)

In Arabic – Marhaban (pronounced: Mar-ha-ban)

In Hindi – Namaste (pronounced: Nah-mah-stay)


  1. Once your child has mastered their basic greeting, they can embrace the season by practising some summer-themed vocabulary. Here are some wonderful examples. Click the links to hear their pronunciations.

‘Sunglasses’ in French is ‘Les lunettes de Soleil’

‘Beach’in Chinese is ‘Hǎibiān

‘Holiday’ in Spanish is ‘Fiesta’

‘Ice cream’ in Arabic is ‘Muthalajat’

‘Sandcastle’ in Italian is ‘Castello di sabbia

‘Sun’ in Hindi is ‘Ravi’