Frisbee golf

Why play frisbee or golf when you can combine the two?

Frisbee golf combines the structure of a golf course with the spontaneous fun of a frisbee session. Gather a group of eager young sportspeople, and head to a wide open space. It’s time to mix things up.



  1. First, set up a course with the abilities of your players in mind. A course that is much too difficult will only result in frustration, while a course that is too easy will grow tedious after a short while. Make some exploratory frisbee tosses to see how far and how accurate their throws can be before you start, and adjust the distances and obstacles accordingly.
  2. For the first hole, mark a starting spot, and place the basket some distance away. Near the first basket, mark the start for the second hole, and place the second basket a realistic distance from that point.
  3. Repeat for as many holes as you like. Trees and other obstacles should probably be avoided, but it’s worth bearing in mind that challenging obstacles can make the game more fun, just as they can and do on crazy golf courses.
  4. Once you’re all set up, explain the rules (below) to your group. Once all is understood, commence the game!



Each player should make their first toss from the starting point for that particular hole.

  1. After everyone has tossed once, each player should make a second toss from wherever their frisbee landed (assuming, of course, that no one has scored a ‘basket-in-one.’)
  2. They should keep going until everyone has made their frisbee into the basket. Keep track of how many tosses it takes each person. They may want to keep a written tally, or you could choose to keep track in your head, or not keep track at all. This game can be competitive – with prizes for the winners – or utterly casual. The choice is yours, and theirs.
  3. Repeat for as many holes as your course contains, and remember: practice makes perfect!
  4. The game ends when everyone has completed the course, by landing their frisbee in every basket on the course.