Edible raft building

Sail the sugary sea on a Strawberry Lace raft!

Help your child build an edible raft! This classic Scouting activity combines a lesson in logic with sweet treats, and is fit for amateur and experienced sailors alike.


  1. Get your child to take four breadsticks and make a square with them, resting two on top of the others. Make sure there is enough overlap at the ends so they can be tied together.
  2. Using Strawberry Laces, show them how to lash the ends of the breadsticks.
  3. Fill the bowl with water, and watch as they set the raft free.
  4. Talk to your child about the techniques they used to make the lashes. What makes the raft strong? What would make it stronger?
  5. Splash about! Vary the conditions. Can their raft withstand a storm?
  6. Take a mini Milky Way bar (or a similar treat of your choosing). Place it on top of the raft. If the raft can sail to the other side without getting shipwrecked or soaked, they can gobble it all up! If not, dry the treat off and tell them to keep trying until they’ve successfully engineered something that can make it all the way across.

Extra challenge: Try increasing the complexity and the size of the raft by using more breadsticks to create a solid base. Add a paper sail (lashed to a vertical breadstick) and challenge your sailor to cross a paddling pool, using a fan to generate wind.