Build a blanket fort

Spend some quality time in the Great Indoors.

Building a den with your child is a sacred act. This little space could be a cinema, or a private library. It could be a spaceship destined for another planet. It could be a time machine to a bygone era. What they make of this space is up to them, and that’s precisely what makes it so utterly, utterly special.

  1. Help your child to lay a blanket or sheet on the floor, and to position the chairs opposite each other.
  2. Drape the duvet over the chairs to create a roof, and pad-out the walls with plenty of cushions and pillows – paying particular attention to the corners and back wall.
  3. Weave string in between the top of the chairs, creating support for the roof. For extra snazziness, attach some bunting with pegs.
  4. If your child would like to personalise the den, encourage them to fill it with their favourite home comforts, or to invent a story about its purpose. There are no rules here.