The school holidays. Six whole weeks of possibility. Forty-two days waiting to be filled.

If you’re tired of pleading with your children that ‘only the boring people get bored’; tired of watching them waste away in front of screens; tired of the finger drumming, and the hair pulling, and the clock-watching – then this is for you.

Summer of Skills is your very own boredom-busting treasure chest. Inside, you’ll find forty-two magical and meaningful activities, designed to bewitch wandering minds and broaden horizons. Whether you have a little baker, birder, or builder, there’s something for everyone.

We want children to use their imagination and develop their initiative. We want to help them to find creative solutions to grown-up problems. We want them to break things, precisely so they can fix them again.

Most importantly, we want them to be curious. Curious about humankind, and architecture, and art, and science. Curious about anything and everything this big wide world has to offer them.

So, if you too want to reclaim the joy of the summer holidays, come join us. Sail a strawberry-lace riverboat. Fry an egg on the pavement. Navigate without a compass. Build a den. Fly a homemade helicopter.

Sound daunting? Time-consuming? Expensive? Every activity on the list was chosen because it costs very little, or because it costs nothing at all. Most can be completed from the comfort of your own home, and whether you can spare 30 minutes, or commit to a six-week project – you are welcome here.

These are skills for life. This is brain food for all. We can’t wait for you to get stuck in.

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